Forbidden, Forsaken, and Forgotten Knowledge

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Steamshovel Press editor
Kenn Thomas returns with a collection of writings on conspiracy topics as they have become revealed in, by, and despite the major media.


Pop Culture Conspiracies

includes articles, interviews, and commentary on the many researchers and activists–the “conspiracy theorists”–that have informed the popular debate about hidden histories and secret agendas in popular culture. The book offers a real-deal examination of the people, events, and issues that animate the global conspiracy spectacle.

POPULAR PARAPOLITICS includes “Steamshovel Press #24″, an issue that never appeared on the newsstands and is available only in this volume.

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Buy it now!NOW AVAILABLE in
Paperback and on Amazon Kindle!

Author & “Crackpot Historian”
Adam Gorightly is your ultimate Conspiracy Tour Guide to THEIR nefarious plans for humanity.


A Conspiracy Theorist’s Tour Guide

is his precise roadmap to the People, Places, & Parapolitics that make up the scenery of bizarre destinations in & around California and the Great Southwest weirdscape.

A Who’s Who of the Manson Family
Who’s on First? Who’s on Third? Who’s on Acid?

Choose your favorite blotter of Manson Microdot Madness!

Available at:

With A Who’s Who of the Manson Family, “crackpot historian” Adam Gorightly and co-author Shamus McFarland take on the daunting task of clarifying the multitude of seemingly endless nicknames, aliases and real names that cloud a reader’s understanding of the various books chronicling the Manson Family members and their bizarre activities, including murder.

The terrifying Manson saga is complicated enough for readers (and Manson researchers) to comprehend without every character using six different pseudonyms at any given time.

A Who’s Who of the Manson Family cuts through the drug-sex-and-psycho maze to compile the definitive facebook of Manson Family characters and provide an easy-to-use guide to clarify their real identities.

Dark, terrifying, disturbing, and yet handy!

In addition to the paperback and ebook, Feejee Press brought in film composer Michael Montes to create a soundtrack for the book: A Who’s Who of the Manson Family: A Companion Soundtrack to the Book, available as an MP3 download.

Seven of Montes’ hauntingly surreal tracks were carefully hand-picked as an atmospheric accompaniment, adding another dimension to Gorightly and McFarland’s Manson Family members guidebook.


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