Popular Parapolitics: Pop Culture Conspiracies

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Steamshovel Press editor
Kenn Thomas returns with a collection of writings on conspiracy topics as they have become revealed in, by, and despite the major media.


Pop Culture Conspiracies

includes articles, interviews, and commentary on the many researchers and activists–the “conspiracy theorists”–that have informed the popular debate about hidden histories and secret agendas in popular culture. The book offers a real-deal examination of the people, events, and issues that animate the global conspiracy spectacle.

POPULAR PARAPOLITICS includes “Steamshovel Press #24″, an issue that never appeared on the newsstands and is available only in this volume.

It contains interviews with a top-five list of parapolitical writers and publishers, including Acharya S, author of Christ Conspiracy; Konformist Robert Sterling; Feral House’s Adam Parfrey; Joan D’Arc of PARANOIA Magazine; and Jonathan Vankin, author of The World’s Greatest Conspiracies. Also explored: the role-playing game origins of the Achille Lauro terrorist incident; the fashion crimes of despots by Adam Gorightly; a report on the first Conspiracy Conference by Skylaire Alfvegren; a rare essay by the late, great Jim Keith, author of Mind Control/World Control; and a critique of TV’s faux conspiracy critic, Jessie Ventura.

Now available in Paperback and on Amazon Kindle

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Introduction by Kenn Thomas
  • A Parallel Popular Culture
  • Persistent Bothering Anomalies (Gerald Heard, heard)
  • A Final Word on Jerry Smith
  • Fiat Foolishness
  • Prisoner
  • Stalking the Octopus by Stephene Russell
  • So Long Norman
  • JFK News
  • The Trees of Dallas
  • Beatnix and Comix (Or True Crime Versus True Love)
  • Notes on Recent Books
  • Sherman Skolnick Passes
  • James Brown
  • At Elvis Presley’s Funeral
  • Beat Memories
  • A Conversation with Burroughs by Kenn Thomas
  • Timothy Leary Reanimation Event
  • Look At Lockerbie
  • Taking Temperature with Michael Moore
  • PARANOIA Review
  • She Solved the UFO Mystery
  • The Invasion Was Televised
  • William Cooper Redux
  • The Beldosphere
  • Gerald Ford: A Toadie Croaks
  • Recent Wacko Attacks
  • Steamshovel Roll Call
  • After Dark Interview by Lex Lonehood
  • RIP Ronald Reagan
  • Whaddup Steamshovel?
  • Engaged! A Debate About Wilhelm Reich at Roswell with Greg Bishop

Now available in Paperback and on Amazon Kindle

Also Includes Steamshovel Press #24!

An issue that never appeared on the newsstands and is available only in this volume and contains:

  • Earth Vs. Flying Saucers With Cloudbusters
  • Excavate Kelso! Mysterious crash site holds clues to the UFO–and to JFK!
  • The Fashion Crimes of Dictators and Despots by Adam Gorightly
  • The First Conspiracy Con by Skylaire Alfvegren
  • Five Questions with Robert Sterling; Acharya S; Adam Parfrey; Joan D’Arc; and Jonathan Vankin
  • Gamesmanship: Role-Playing Terrorism
  • JFK & UFO–and TV: The Real Sci-Fi Nightmare Has Yet To Be Filmed
  • Notes on Conspiracy Theories by Jim Keith
  • Smack Down Jessie Ventura

Now available in Paperback and on Amazon Kindle

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